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February 03 2015

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Fight Club (1999)

Why stress over someone that won’t even text to see if you’re alright?
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i don’t normally write on the walls, but i was getting pretty pissed.
like, who the fuck says i can’t be smart and have sex at the same time?
i could literally get eaten out and recite the quadratic formula if i damn well please.


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The Sleep of Endymion - Antonio Canova, marble, 1819 - 1822.

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parostatkiem w piękny rejs
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February 01 2015

January 25 2015

January 18 2015

January 11 2015

January 09 2015

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Lepiej piszę, niż mówię. Gdy kogoś lubię, jest mi niewiarygodnie trudno rozmawiać z nim twarzą w twarz, bo boję się odrzucenia.
— Christiane Felscherinow
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